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EN CARTEL (NOW SHOWING)  is a cultural management project designed to highlight a profession that is often hidden in society: the graphic designer in film. A series of activities designed for various purposes: to dissect the key to this unique and interesting activity, especially for the new generations; let the world know about the Spanish version of this profession; bring together the creators of posters in order to bring synergy to the industry, and in general, to promote professionalism and good work.

To start with, an award. The PROYECTA AWARDS for film marketing, organised by ESCAC and WAW (Barcelona based communication agency), are an important gathering point for professionals in the promotion of cinema in Spain. It seemed the most appropriate place to launch a specific award for the best premiere poster, especially because it is voted for by people who analyse them as marketing tools, and not just with aesthetic criteria.

n the 2015 and 2016 editions, we launched a series of content built around the participating posters (a range of interviews and informative videos explaining the creative process behind the poster and the designer's profile ) that were published in the Graffica magazine and Movistar+ website.

Link to the interview to CLARA LEÓN - 2016

Link to the interviews 2015

Link to the videos 2015

 Pablo Dávila Castañeda, Ana Linde

 Gonzalo Gómez Lobato

 Pablo Dávila Castañeda in collaboration with Ana Linde

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