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Karibu is an NGO with 25 years experience providing humanitarian aid and integration for sub-saharan people at risk of social exclusion in Madrid, Spain. They take care of this vast group of people by attending to their specific needs, based on the founders’ wide experience in development cooperation in Africa. Karibu is part of the ACOGE network, in which it acts in synergy with other organisations that provide services to other immigrant groups at risk of social exclusion.

The charity needed to strengthen their internal and external communication, for which we developed a series of initiatives in the short, medium and long term. In the first place, we created an image bank with images that reflect the immense work carried out by 260 volunteers for Karibu. They provide services as diverse as foster homes, food dispensaries, clothing, health care, training, legal and employment advise, activities for children, raising awareness, etc.

We then organised the brand image to ensure consistency and quality in all the organisation´s publications and events. We basically changed the usual communication of the organisation (which was very aseptic and institutional) to put people, both African users and Spanish volunteers, in the center of the message. With the objective of: generating empathy for immigrants in vulnerable situations and adding a sense of belonging amonst users and volunteers. As well as breaking clichés about the group by showing all their efforts to integrate themselves into society. We put all this material in place along with a social media and internal communication strategy.

We also scripted, recorded and edited a commemorative video for the organisation´s 25th anniversary showing the path and philosophy of Karibu´s work.

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 Marta Burgo, Pablo Dávila Castañeda

 Sandra Bensadón, Carla Bonnet, Javier Camacho, Francisco Magallón, Diego Silva

 Jaime Murciego

 Marta Burgo

 Pablo Dávila Castañeda

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